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A tax barrister will often work on the basis of a fixed fee, helping you to maintain closer control over your spending on legal costs. Many barristers work from anywhere, attending tribunal and court hearings by video or in person. We specialise in a number of tax-related areas of expertise, including stamp duty, financial crime, tax investigations and tax avoidance schemes. A barrister with tax dispute experience will offer advice on HMRC investigations and enquiries, disclosures to HMRC, the technicalities of disputed tax liabilities, preventing and reducing the risk of disputes and/or litigation. Tax issues could involve, for example, a judicial review action in the Administrative Court against HMRC because they have breached their statutory obligations or considering EU law defences to taxing provisions that discriminate between residents and non-residents. If an individual transferred their employment income to a company and did not subsequently withdraw it by way of salary or dividend, then under flat tax proposals that income would go completely untaxed for as long as it remained within the company, which could be for an indefinite period. There are a lot of historic tax avoidance and mitigation schemes being litigated at present.

UK Tax Barristers

Automatic enrolment and new pension arrangements is a matter that a pension barrister will have experience in. Negotiation and settlementent with HMRC (including ADR scheme) are an area of HMRC tax investigations that tax barristers can assist with. Expert pensions specialists advise on the restructuring of businesses, financing and refinancing, all forms of corporate activity and conduct, covenant assessments, mergers, pension scheme investments, benefit changes, scheme amendments, advice in relation to the Pensions Regulator and Pension Protection Fund, pension litigation, outsourcing in the public and private sectors as well as SSASs and SIPPs. The leading tax barristers deliver targeted, pragmatic advice using a breadth of experience to distil complex rules in an accessible manner. Advisory services such as Domicile Advice are a common sight today.

Frustrations And Threats

Tax and society appear to be inextricably linked. Tax has also been integral to the development of the process of democracy. Without the demand for representation on the issue of taxation it is very unlikely that the currently preferred method of government in a great many states in the world would exist. The result is broader than the history implies, though. Some barristers that specialise in tax matters advise on a wide variety of domestic and cross border transactions, including corporate acquisitions and disposals, IPOs, joint ventures, corporate reorganisations and private equity transactions. A barrister who is a specialist in SDLT will be able to advise on a number of SDLT Reliefs for purchasers of residential properties. Tax barristers offer the most up-to-date knowledge of the latest tax reliefs, planning and methodologies available so that you are always assured of the best advice available. A tax barrister who is an expert in SDLT will be able to advise you on investigations and litigation. The opinion of a Tax Barrister service should be sort if clarification of the finer issues are required.

Some of the top UK tax barristers provide expert advocacy and advice in commercial and chancery cases which have a tax dimension. A pensions barrister can advise on all types of scheme and on all aspects of pension law and compliance. They also act for individuals including high net worth individuals and the providers of pension products including QROPS providers. Any business recognises the benefits of freeing up time so that senior management are able to deal with important issues which will deliver sustainable commercial activity. Time spent dealing with the tax system is time away from running the business and this especially affects family-run businesses. Any barrister with 10 to 15 years experience may apply for a “patent” or “take silk” in order to become a Queen’s Counsel. It’s necessary if they wish to become a High Court or Court of Sessions judge. Developing business and global acumen in addition to relationship skills is becoming increasingly applicable to tax, a function that traditionally has been little understood and highly specialised. All professionals involved with Inheritance Tax Advice have a duty to be confidential.

Local And International

UK tax law is specifically targeted rather than purposive. This fits with the UK legal tradition and ensures that HMRC's decisions can be challenged in the courts. However, the search for legal certainty in such a system leads to ever more complex and lengthy legislation. Many tax professionals have substantial experience of working in the international tax-planning arena and using well-established planning principles to help businesses manage down their effective tax rate. Issues relating to residence and domicile is an area that a tax barrister could advise on. Domicile is a long-standing common law concept that can impact your UK income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax position, for any advice speak to our UK tax barrister. Some international tax barristers work closely with select US lawyers and advisors to provide a unique “joined up” transatlantic tax advisory and defence service. Professional help by any Pensions Advice service will provide value for money.

Quite a few United Kingdom tax barristers are able to draw on expertise within their chambers in related practice areas, such as Commercial, Planning and the Court of Protection, to offer clients a comprehensive and efficient service. When focusing on complex corporate transactions, businesses need to be mindful of all relevant tax considerations and, increasingly where deals are cross-border, they need integrated domestic tax advice across multiple jurisdictions and an overarching international outlook. The quality of evidence in tax matters is often a key factor, particularly where questions of a taxpayer’s intention are in point. Check out further particulars appertaining to UK Tax Barristers at this page.

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